Shopping Buddy

TravellingTailor's shopping buddy service started out as a throw away comment from a long time friend, he asked me if I would be willing to accompany him on a shopping trip for mens clothing as he "know's very little about what suits me" and whilst he was quite able to get work clothes with ease, he tended to fall down when it comes to 'smart casual' or any other dress code, usually ending up with the 'same old, same old!'.
That trip went so well he commented that I could offer this service to others and so the TravellingTailor 'shopping buddy' service was born.

Shopping Buddy is simple, you pick a day that is mutually convenient and a place you want to go shopping and then hire me for either half a day or a full day (plus expenses), depending on your requirements.
Then we go shopping, trying on garments that you probably would never have considered yet which you might just end up buying. There is no presssure to buy what you don't want as all you're paying for is my time and my experience, ultimately, you make the decissions, you choose your own style, I simply make suggestions.

Why not give me a ring or send me an email to discuss your requirments?